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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Hellish Truth About My Writer's Block

I need to write something.Anything.All my thoughts and ideas appeared to be hiding from me in the darkness of my writing insecurities.I've been so frustrated with my writer's block I could scream.

  Once upon a time ideas used to flow within me like a river of melted gold.Heavy in presence and rich in content,my ideas were hearty and loved.But life shook me up, made me impatient for change,made me angry,made me bitter,made me hate myself for not being better,made me feel little,made me question myself.

    I've allowed the wrong voices to influence me in my time of struggle.Those negative voices were just so loud and their logic seemed flawless at the time.The second a hole emerged in my self-esteem every self depreciating comment showed up to falsely patch the crater, when in reality it wasn't a bandage it was a virus.I've been sick in silence for far too long.I was looking for a cure in all the wrong places while sitting in a stagnant state of illness, enough is enough.I made myself sit down and write this blog post as means to get out my frustration amd have found my cure,writing.

Writing out all my frustrations,fears and needs for better have helped me clear my mind.So why did it take me so long for me to write this,if this is what it took to clear up my sight?The hesitation of self doubt left me paralyzed but I pushed that out of the way and simply wrote what comes natural to me.

I've come to the conclusion that my setbacks weren't a result of me being inferior.Setbacks happen because it's apart of life and how you handle them defines who you are.Some of the most successful people have faced what I'm facing now and faced even worse.I'm taking my setbacks in stride and I'm going to work as hard as possible because I'm strong enough to do so!Just because life gets hard,it doesn't mean I have to turn into stone.I can't let one event change my passion and distort my heart forever especially since this is simply a phase that change in an instance.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


(photos taken with my laptop's webcam)
The love I have for this bracelet is infinite.The bright colored stones and the metallic hue of the bracelet has stolen my heart.The second I realized the bracelet had a chain attached to it that leads up the length of my hand and is attached to this bright ring..that's when I knew I would belong to this piece forever.I bought this bracelet at this little costume jewelry/legging/cheap jewelry store at this strip mall.Can you believe this gorgeous thing only cost me 10 dollars?!
I practically squealed in front of the cashier and God once I noticed the price and immediately abandoned my shopping ban.
Have you ever witnessed a fashionable piece that left you amazed?Tell me about the last time you saw something in the store that made you gasp,squeal and or shimmy in happiness!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

OOTD+Blogging Via Tablet?

  Today's outfit of the day is the first time I debut these beloved leggings!Palm tree print was an obsession of mine and I'm so excited to share these palm tree adorned leggings with you.The leggings are from BooHoo I got them on clearance for like 7 or 8 dollars with free shipping *does harlem shake*.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Personal Style Essentials:The Striped Dress

   Everyone has that one piece of clothing they consider a mandatory piece, such as a white t-shirt,dark denim skinnies, etc.What a lot of people don't know is that everyone has different essentials to their closet.What one person considers a necessity may be completely ignored by another.After looking through my wardrobe I've discovered my own personal style essentials.Allow me to introduce you to what I consider a style essential: the black and white stripe dress.
     The black and white striped dress is oozing with versatility.I came up with three different looks featuring this dress with ease!The white and black dress comes from Forever21,I was inspired to get it after seeing Janelle Monae's Q.U.E.E.N. music video.

   The first look focuses on the monochrome appeal as I pair it with this black and white color block varsity jacket.Playing with texture and print becomes the main concentration.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The T-Shirt Dress 2 Ways

I've been in brainstorm mood over this t-shirt dress.Typically when I wear this t-shirt dress it's with my light wash jeans, like in this previous post. I've been dying to switch up this outfit.I decided to remix the shirt by switching up the bottoms and some of the accessories.

I decided to pair the shirt with my dark green, black speckled jeans and this crossbody bag.I think the color of the pants makes this floral number look tough.

In this look I wanted it to look more polished so I added this skinny black belt to cinch in my waist somewhat.This interpretation is a lot more feminine as I concentrate more on building a silhouette.
I hope this post inspired you to look ar your clothing from another perspective and explore your style options.Don't become stagnant with your closet.Dare to switch up the old with the new and see what your experimentation gives birth to!